All or Nothing is an AU rp meant to be comical while also carrying a serious plotline. The story centers around a mobster named Zephon and an estranged daughter of a well-known crime family named Yin Izumi.


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Alternative Ending 2Edit

Yin and Zephon go their separate ways only to meet by accident a year later in Vegas. The two regretfully end up in bed together and Yin is crushed when she separates from him again. She returned home and gave into drinking before discovering she was pregnant. Yin quit cold-turkey on the alcohol until the birth of her baby girl, who she named Elizabeth . While still having to nurse hurt feelings, Yin found it difficult to handle the high-maintenance baby due to her consumption of alcohol. She decided to place Elizabeth up for adoption. Yin sent herself to rehab to heal from her drinking problem. When she came out, her life began to look up. Sponsors came to her when it was found she was a talented dancer and offered to pay for her education in return for taking contracts. Yin pulled through college, earned a degree, and managed her dream job. It was what landed her in Vegas for a third time, and where she met Zephon again. This time, they took it slow and the two rekindled their relationship. Yin admitted to the birth of Elizabeth, and claimed to have tried to contact him for the entirety of her pregnancy. She also admitted to setting the baby up for adoption and reassured it went to a loving home after explaining she, being nearly an alcoholic, could have never provided for a child. The two eventually marry and Yin suffers a miscarriage before having a surprise pregnancy and giving birth to another daughter, named (to be announced). Elizabeth returns when she is 18 with a hit on Zephon. She is killed without completing the assignment.

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