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Elizabeth Rosario (formerly Izumi)











A non-canon, AU character who has had no appearances in anything and is a speculation of the mind. She is a part of an alternative ending to All or Nothing. Her creation date is 8/17/12.


Elizabeth was born prematurely to a bordering alcoholic named Yin Izumi on (to be announced). When she was born, she had a low birth weight and ended up suffering from mild IVH (intraventricular hemorrhage), which was treated with drugs to reduce fluid buildup. She ended up suffering a weaker immune system and was an irritable baby. Her mother, who had been falling into alcoholism before realizing she was pregnant, was unable to deal with the stress packing down on her from both Elizabeth, being a single mother with hardly an education and out of a job, a strong desire to drink, and other factors in her life. She ended up putting Elizabeth up for adoption when she was 3 months old.

Elizabeth was adopted by the Rosario family; they were a family of portugese ancestory mixed with italian. The family took little Elizabeth from a quiet area in Illinois to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was here she was raised without ever seeing her birth mother. Elizabeth grew with many behavioral problems, which could possibly be stemmed back to her birth mother's drinking (her stunted growth was another thing that could be stemmed back). She was more aggressive than most kids and had a habit of lashing out and getting into fights even in her youngest days. Elizabeth lacked social skills that were vital to a normal child's development and instead shunned and instilled fear into her peers. She was a bully. Her parents did all they could for Elizabeth. They put her in therapy in hopes she would learn the skills she needed to develop normally and to control her anger. It helped a little.

Crime became a part of the girl's life when she was in her teens. She began to steal and dabbled in drug trade. She was kicked out of school at age 16 for having cocaine in her locker and put on probation, which she promptly broke during the nights. She began her connections to the mobs around the age of 17. Eventually, she was inducted into one of the mobs and became a full-fledged member at the age of 18. Elizabeth completed her GED before induction. She was a new member, but became valued in time, especially when it came to setting hits. She was merciless in her job and didn't seem to care at all for the lives she took; Elizabeth could be described as a cold-blooded killer.

One of her hits ended up being a mobster who could be suspected of being her birth father. Unfortunately, Elizabeth Rosario lost her life on the assignment.