Izumi Demon

Yin, the first Izumi to ever emerge into the world but not from two creatures. It was shadows and darkness that came and formed her in front of a human orphanage, making her 1 year old in the process. Yin was raised in this orphanage knowing full well what she was. She quickly burned the place and left when she turned 18 and went off to live a different life. At first she listened to the shadows and darkness who made her find love in Osore and reproduce. This was the start of the Izumi clan. It's because of this start that all Izumi are related in some way whether it be distant or a close brother. Yet even though the Izumi can be mother and son, brother and sister, and so on and so forth they can reproduce without worry of mutations. This is why the Izumi spread across the area very quickly.

Osore along with 2 of the four children were eventually murdered and many theorize that Yin did it herself. Though nobody would question the Eve of the clan in fear of their death. But it seemed the killings continued as about every month one or two Izumi would die for unknown reasons. They would just be found dead. Everyone by then knew it was Yin but still would not say anything. Eventually after many years she did cease her random killings. Why they even started none of the Izumi are quite sure. But many were relieved that Yin had stopped. Some theorized that Yin killed because she was depressed over her killing Osore and 2 of her kids. Others just think she was bored. Many reasons behind Yin's actions are unknown.

In their past Izumi never had a good relationship with the Hatsu. The Hatsu are their enemies because of Yin murdering the Adam and Eve of the clan. There hasn't really been a big battle between them but a few skirmishes here and there. Unlike the Hatsu, the Mizuno and vampires have a neutral status with the Izumi. It seems only the Hatsu wish to detroy them and till this day the hatred has not weakened in the least. Whether the hatred will continue forever is unknown...

Common BehaviorEdit


The female differs way a lot from the male and could be called an exact opposite. While males are low maintenance and calm, the female Izumi is generally high maintenance and wild. They love to party and they love having fun. The Izumi female has complications opposed to the males who have none. The females have a high hormone rate making them creatures who adore their "midnight fun" with whoever they may grab. But this is only for young Izumi females. The hormones start to die down when an Izumi is 5,000 and are completely dull by time they're full mature at 10,000. But until then it's not wise for a female to try and find a mate, as there's a high chance they'll end up cheating on that mate.

Females can be very affectionate but also very emotionally unstable and temperamental. A female's emotions seems to be the key to their snapping and end. Suicide is a common thing for Izumi females because of how delicate their feelings can be. They also tend to have a flaming temper that nobody ever wants to mess with.

Once mature, an Izumi female may find a mate and will be highly loyal to that mate. When two Izumi become mates their loyalty skyrockets for each other, unless the female is not mature. The loyalty will be there but the chance of cheating would still remain. But they seem to have 'unconditional' love once their right mate is found and it seems nothing can tear them apart. At least, nothing can tear the female's feelings away.

Aside from suffering extreme hormones and emotional instability the Izumi female also has the lust for blood. That is a natural thing among Izumi and females, in particular, seem to enjoy the taste of blood more. The females are well aware they're dominante in this clan are not afraid to use it.


Very low maintenance and relaxed, the male Izumi do not tend to be interested much in partying and going crazy like the females. They would rather lazily lull under a tree and nap if anything. Though they're usually always up to testing their strength against others or a challenging task. There isn't much to the male Izumi while there is a lot to a female. They're simple and not at all that complicated and they're quite emotionally stable.

Of course like every Izumi they have a love for the taste of blood. Though they're more tolerant when something is bleeding then a female would be. Most males know it's wise to wait until the females are out of the way. In the Izumi clan, the females rule over the males. It's best they listen to the females less they want their eyes scratched out or something but a female's temper.


Animalistic signals like flattening of the ears or a growl. Nipping, snapping, clawings at, and anything really like that. They're signals that you could often see in a wolf pack and in demon form, and even in human, can be ways to express annoyance, affection, joy, and many other emotions.

  • Human Traits

The only traits that are automatically in the Izumi human figure are ebony eyes and obsidian hair. There are no other traits that will give away the Izumi to a human. Of course normal humans can have these traits, too. So there's always the chance they are or are not an Izumi.


  • Leader - The leader is an obvious rank that everyone should know the definition to. It is the individual(s) that lead the clan, make the final decisions, ect.
  • Second-in-Command - You could say this specially chosen individual is an assistant for the leaders. Only the leader may pick this person and it's considered an honor.
  • Healer - The indivdual except for the leaders who will look at and tend to the wounds of others. This particular individual is an expert at healing skills but the fighting skills may be a bit low. The Healer is never expected to fight nor is anyone supposed to attack the Healer. This individual may take an apprentice if he or she wishes.
  • Healer's Apprentice - He or she is specially selected by the Healer and given the opportunity to train in the arts of healing. If chosen by the Healer this individual can be considered very special. The apprentice can be any age and will be an apprentice until the Healer passes on or gives up the job to the apprentice.
  • Teacher - Most likely mature female Izumi who are a mother but can be younger Izumi, too. These Izumi watch the little ones when they go out to play and this is an optional rank. Anyone can really take this rank because it's basically volunteering to be a babysitter for a day or more. Though the teachers do usually teach the little Izumi some tricks.
  • Member - Basically everyone, excluding the leaders who are above the members. A member is any individual following the leader no matter what other rank name he or she may hold. Unless not expected to fight, the members often train to remain strong in case of a battle. He or she may also do tasks that the leaders will ask to be completed. There is always something to do and to be completed. There are 4 types of members though there is no difference except the ages. There is the "Little Members" group which is the very young Izumi that were just born or learning to talk and walk. It takes till about the age of 1,000 before they're considered to be part of the "Immature Members" and when 10,000 they are the "Mature Members." The last group is the "Elder Members" and are Izumi that are 500,000 or over. Not many make it to that group.
  • Elder - This is a member who is on hold as to whether he or she is a member or not. This may be an Izumi returning and wishing to rejoin the clan or an Izumi who is being punished. Punished Izumi usually get this rank and it's a really low rank, the lowest. Most Izumi with this status are looked down upon and not well-respected and gain little friends. This rank is never permanent and eventually someone with this rank is delt with in whatever action is to be taken.


Red MoonEdit

A big event that is irregular and usually not too expected. The Red Moon is usually once a month but it has been known to skip a month or a few months. During this one night the moon is full and turns a bright red in the eyes of the Izumi. No other species can detect the Red Moon but the Izumi. During this night the red of the moon sets the Izumi off into a blinding bloodlust and will kill anything, except themselves and other Izumi, that has blood pulsing through its veins. They become strong killing machines with nothing on the mind but the wanting to have blood on their tastebuds. But the day that comes afterward leaves them in pure exhaustion and they must all sleep for that whole day.

Special TrainingEdit

This is something that Yin does once a year with Immature Grouped Izumi members. She will pick possibly up to a dozen and give them special training for 1 week. Training from her. The choices are usually random unless she sees potiental or talent and then that Izumi may be taken. You can basically call it a boot camp of sorts where you learn not only fighting but healing techniques as well. It's considered an honor among Izumi if you are chosen by Yin to participate in this training. But you do not have to, it's optional.


Anyone you asked would merely tell you the Izumi had the ability of shadow manipulation but that's not the case. Yes, they do have control over the shadows but it's not like they automatically know many of their abilities. Izumi have to be taught many of the tricks they can have up their sleeves and most of the teaching almost all the teaching comes from Yin. The only teaching not coming from the leader of the clan would be the teaching of activating the eyes and a basic shadow manipulation to grab things and throw them.

Also unique to the eyes is a random quality to tell if someone is lying. It's a strange ability that none of them have any idea where it came from. But if activated the eyes can tell you someone is lying.

That is merely the first ability of an Izumi, the second would be the ability to turn into a creature named the "Shadow Wolf." This wolf is ebony with razor sharp claws and fangs that can possibly go through metal. If those fail they have venom in their fangs and claws that can also act as acid and will chew straight through metal. This ability is not a common ability used by the Izumi and is usually a last resort. In any form the Izumi's senses are razor sharp.

  • Shape-Shifter - The first trick that most Izumi learn is how to mold their shadows into shapes. It's a very simple technique and can be pretty easy to learn. The easiest is the basic circle or whip and the more complicated is the bird shape and the wolf shape. The two animal shapes take much longer to learn then the basic two other shapes. But learn these four shapes and you've basically mastered the shapeshifting technique.
  • Shadow Control - The ability to take control of another Izumi's shadows, but good luck if that Izumi has a higher eye level. This ability is rather weak since most Izumi only have the stage 2 in their eyes. But it can come in handy for those who are able to go into the higher eye stages as they can stop shadow attacks and turn it against the attacker. This is one of the Izumi's secret scroll moves. Can only be taught by Yin.
  • Shadow Movement - A very simple technique that includes vanishing into the shadows and reappearing somewhere else. It is a form of transportation that is quite efficient.
  • Shadow Illusion - An advanced technique that is considered a secret scroll move. The surrounding area will become pitch black and the one using the move will fade into the darkness. Red eyes will appear everywhere and mimic exactly what the real one does. The user's voice will echo as well as footsteps so it's nearly impossible to predict where the user is. This is usually a death trap for many. Can only be taught by Yin.
  • Shadow Rejection - Another advanced technique that is also an Izumi secret scroll technique. This is the ability to make the shadows if someone were to try and use them as transport for the shadows to spit the person out and reject them. It turns all shadows against the person and the user will easily be able to fight since the person would be at a disadvantage. Depending on your eye level this technique can be weak or strong. Can only be taught by Yin.

Eye LevelsEdit

  • Nothing, automatically available
  • (+) Taught by another Izumi who knows it
  • (++) Must be taught by Yin

Level 1 - The eyes are unactivated and in their normal state. They're just normal, coal eyes and no shadow manipulation. The only reason this is considered a stage of the Izumi eyes is because it is rare to gain the eyes. Unless a half-breed or full Izumi there is a 4% of gaining the eyes.

Level 2 - The eyes have just activated, this is the stage that 96% of the Izumi remain at. In this stage shadow manipulation becomes available and minor abilities can be learned. Learning is the only way the tricks can start to be learned. Of course, all the tricks will be weaker compared to the other eye stages above this one. They're easy to overpower if an Izumi can go higher in eye stages. An Izumi must also be taught by Yin to be able to go to stage 3 of the Izumi eyes.

  • Abilities Avaliable

~ Shadow manipulation ~ Shapeshifter_+ ~Shadow Control_++ ~Shadow Movement_+

Level 3 - This eye is activated when stress and anger swell together. It will increase a user's speed and strength, but stresses the body. The body is in a constant mental pain with this eye activated, tearing away at the mind. The Izumi is still aware of what's going on in this stage. There is a 2% chance of any Izumi ever being able to activate these eyes, and of course you need Yin's teaching. 98% of Izumi are permanently injured from trying to reach this stage.

  • Abilities Avaliable

~ Shadow manipulation ~ Shapeshifter_+ ~Shadow Control_++ ~Shadow Movement_+

Level 4 - Damage mentally to the mind is increased when these eyes are activated. An Izumi who cannot control him or herself will become unaware of their actions. It will take a lot of training and help from Yin to get to this stage if the Izumi has already made it to stage 3. If an Izumi does not have control they follow the instinct to kill. They cannot feel pain dealt to them and unless immobilized, killed, or snapped out of it will continue to attack. Someone close to the Izumi or Yin may be able to calm an Izumi that loses it. With these eyes an Izumi will get a burst of energy, strength, and speed. Shadow abilities grow stronger and shadows may even swirl around the user to protect them. There is a 1% chance of living with these eyes.

  • Abilities Avaliable

~ Shadow manipulation ~ Shapeshifter_+ ~Shadow Control_++ ~Shadow Movement_+ ~Shadow Illusions_++

Level 5 - This is the stage were an Izumi will most likely snap. Emotions become too overwhelming and the Izumi loses him or herself completely. There is less then 1% chance of calming an Izumi in this stage. Now if they lose it they'll become nothing but a killing machine. The percent of getting to this stage without certain death is much less then 1% but abilities are pushed beyond limits and incredible strength is gained. But all of it has the downfall that even with control the Izumi still may die afterwords. They can be reckless in this state and their thinking can be blurred, focused mostly on blood. Izumi ignore their injuries and the fact they could be spilling blood. They also ignore that their mind is pretty much being literally ripped to pieces. Some Izumi even lose some memory from this stage and will not remember their actions. Or they may even forget their whole name. The only Izumi known to be able to use this stage and keep control for a few minutes is Yin.

  • Abilities Avaliable

~ Shadow manipulation ~ Shapeshifter_+ ~Shadow Control_++ ~Shadow Movement_+ ~Shadow Illusions_++ ~Shadow Rejection_++