Rebellion is a first-person original story that is a work in progress by Stalker-of-Neji with her main character being Evil Izumi. Currently this story has a completed prologue and a start on chapter 1. It is set billions of years in the future when humans have finally been killed off and only demons and other mythical creatures now exist.

Plot Edit


Art by: Shizero/ Yin [right] Evil [left]

The plot is centered around the struggles of Evil Izumi as the former Izumi leader, Yin Izumi, dies and she' forced to take her place. Evil is not ready to take on the responsibility of leading such an old, dangerous clan and doubts her abilities throughout the story. This causes her to make poor decisions and with tensions rising between Izumi and other species - it looks like war is bound to break out. Because of all the sudden stress, Evil starts to dream of the former leader. But not in the way she'd really like to. Often these dreams end up seeming like sexual fantasies with no time for her to talk to Yin and beg for help. While befuddled with her dreams she must still try and take lead to the clan.

The clan is restless and unhappy with their former leader's death but try to take comfort in her "reincarnation" now leading. The clan urges Evil to re-marry, but Evil sharply refuses this ideal. Though she refuses, they push her into her second-in-command Hindari Izumi - who is not interested in love either. While the two keep dodging marriage, another Izumi steps up and tries to win Evil's heart, Jin Izumi. His actions reminded Evil of her former lover, she pushes him as far away as possible. But like her former lover, Jin is persistant throughout the story in an attempt to snatch the leader as his. Love is only one sub-plot to this story, there are two others - the biggest being the war in the end.



  • Hindari Izumi - First merely a clan member, he soon becomes second-in-command after Evil takes lead. Hindari is encouraged to become Evil's new mate so she will produce full-blooded Izumi.