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Wicked Witchery is a fiction novel written for National Writer's Month 2009 through the month of November. It has a mixed number of genres tied into it and the novel clocks in at 167 pages and 85,288 words. It centers around a world full of witches which coincides with the 'normal' world', as it is called in the book. While the novel did win Nanowrimo by gaining 50,000 words the actual story was not completed until 1/23/10 at 7:30:00 PM.

Currently the only place where it can be read is here.


Major CharactersEdit

Arya L. Lawerence - the 'main' protagonist in the novel, Arya is a black-haired and dark brown-eyed female who stands at 5' 1". She suffers from chronic insomnia to the point where she hears and has a named voice in her head (named Dark.) Arya is known for making historical references to compare to life or relate to it. Often her references can be so subtle they're confusing. Arya begins in the normal world before discovering the Witch World from a freak accident. Having a strong aura, she was taken in and learns witchcraft with the elements water and fire.

Lilith Rosseau - considered the 'secondary' protagonist in the novel, Lilith is a black-haired and violet-eyed female with quite a temper. She stands at 5' 8" and her element is the rare light element. Lilith's origin is unknown throughout most of the story, it is just known that Apollo and Luna have raised her since she was found in front of the school. Later on, it is learned that Arachne is Lilith's mother but her father is never revealed - though it can be speculated between three men.

Emma B. Clouds - the love interest of Arya Lawerence, Emma is a black-haired and blue-eyed female who stands at around 5' 11". Emma is a regular human that Arya encounters on a trip to the mall with Lilith. Afterwards, the three tend to run into each other many times - and even once Arya and Lilith, in a comedic fashion, had to escape from Emma's home. Emma is later kidnapped by Arachne to lure Arya, whom holds her necklace at the time, to her. Scared for Arya while she and Lilith battle - Emma ends up stabbing Lilith and possibly killing her.

Arachne D. Rosseau - the main antagonist in the novel, Arachne is a black-haired and red-eyed female who stands at 5' 10". She has a special affinity with spiders and her element had once been light. Once turning into a dark witch her element turned to shadow. Arachne is the mother of Lilith and left her with Apollo and Luna with her special necklace in hopes to return later in life to reclaim both. She is the middle sister to Luna and Epona and daughter to Acelin and Juno Rosseau. She seems to take an interest in Luna's son, Osiris. As it is shown in the novel - Arachne can fluently speak French.

Hecate R. Reyes - the right-hand woman to Arachne, Hecate is an auburn-haired and brown-eyed female who stands at 5' 3". A lot is unknown about Hecate, including her age and mental state, but it is known her origin is Autumn village. Hecate knows few spells, but they are dangerous nonetheless. It is also revealed she can speak fluent Spanish and likes to sing creepy songs in it.

Apollo D. Cohen- the eldest of twins, Apollo is a blond-haired and violet-eyed male who stands at 6' 1". He is the light and art teacher in Witch Academy and one of the main males speculated to be Lilith's father. In the past, he and Arachne used to date and, throughout the story, it's subtly hinted he still holds feelings for her. His new love interest becomes Anubis C. Daal. He is the one who discovered Arya and brought her to the academy. It is obvious that he is a highly respected individual as Luna turns to him for advice.

Anubis C. Daal - Luna's protector, Anubis is a black-haired and black-eyed female who stands at 5' 8". She is a former dark witch whom used to reside in Schaduwen with her parents, Katrien and Klaus Daal. Though Luna urges her to date, Anubis is often stubborn and claims she only wants to protect Luna. It soon becomes obvious that she and Apollo have a thing for each other and becomes confirmed after Luna is killed. Later, Anubis takes control of the school and cares for Luna's boy, Osiris, while expecting one of her own.

Moon Witch Luna - the creator of Witch Academy, Luna is a white-haired and, supposedly, silver-eyed female who stands at 5'4". Luna is the eldest sister of Arachne and Epona and the daughter of Aclein and Juno Rosseau. Luna was born blind and her eyes are always closed as her ability lies in her eyes. Thus why no one can be sure that silver is her true eye color as that can merely be the color when the ability is active. She mysteriously married and got pregnant. Luna is the mother to Osiris. It is speculated the father is no one currently in the academy and many wonder if the father is even still alive. Luna is later assasinated and her protector, Anubis, takes over the school.

Horse Witch Epona - the youngest child of Aclein and Juno Rosseau's children, Epona is a blonde, green-eyed female who stands at 5' 3". She lives in neutral territory and has no affiliations with her sisters. In her younger years, she used to crush on Apollo and was jealous of Arachne when she dated him. It is speculated a fight and Arachne's leaving caused Epona to separate herself from her sisters and the academy.

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Minor CharactersEdit

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